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Value Chains

Concepts for a healthy life

 Interested in the ‘Concepts for a healthy life’ focus areas? Get a clear picture of five value chains, to see how many organisations add their value. Find examples of these organisations in an interactive pdf, click to their websites. Or download the full list of organisations involved, in order to find the organisation that meet your needs.



  Organisations in the value chain MedTech

Showcase: Radiation Shielding


  Healthy Brain

   Organisations in the value chain Healthy Brain

Showcases: ParkinsonNet + Food & Cognition


   Smart Health

    Organisations in the value chain Smart Health

Showcase: OnePlanet


  Personalised Health – Diabetes

    Organisations in the value chain Diabetes

Showcase: Artificial pancreas 


   Personalised Health & Nutrition

Organisations in the value chain

Showcase: Diverzio Foundation


Download full list of organisations

Full List of Organisations per Added Value in Value Chains

Concepts for a Healthy Life – East Netherlands


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