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Discovering the RegioGreenTex Hubs



For the second edition of the RegioGreenTex Community Talks webinar series, we are excited to invite you to an event dedicated to sustainability, collaboration, and replicability! Join us for "Discovering the RegioGreenTex Hubs", that will take place on 29 November 2023, from 10:30 to 11:30 CET.

RegioGreenTex is at the forefront of sustainable change in the textile recycling landscape with the creation of five regional textile recycling hubs, aligning with the ReHubs initiative, EU textile strategy, and the specific needs of the companies involved in the project. Among these hubs, two will serve as standard central models, designed for potential replication in other regions. Simultaneously, the remaining three hubs are more specialised in specific waste streams, identified through comprehensive taxonomy and gap analysis, and possess the potential for macro-regional replication and scale-up.

Our main speaker, Christiaan Bolck from Oost NL (WP5 leader), will valuable insights into the RegioGreenTex Hubs initiative, guiding you through its core objectives and expected impact. Following this in-depth introduction of the Hub initiative, we will hear from the 5 Hub Leaders: xxx from xxx (Hub leader of Prato-Biella Hub in Italy), xxx from xxx (Hub leader of Norte Hub in Portugal, Florence Lootens from Ariadne (Hub leader of Lowlands Hub in the Netherlands, Belgium and France), Marine Perraud from Techtera (Hub leader of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Hub in France) and xxx from xxx (Hub leader of North-East Romania Hub) that will provide insights into their respective hub and their objectives. After the presentations, we'll open the floor for a lively Q&A session.

Registration for this webinar is exclusively available within the RegioGreenTex consortium and is not open to the public, but registration is required.

Discovering the RegioGreenTex Hubs (google.com)