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World Remanufacturing Summit, Milan





Towards Smart and Advanced Remanufacturing for a Sustainable Future Bridging the Gap between Science and Industry

The World Remanufacturing Summit takes place in Italy for the first time! The 2024 edition will feature discussions on key topics like implications of the Digital Product Passport (DPP) for Remanufacturing,  Zero Defect Remanufacturing, Emerging Remanufacturing Technologies, Artificial Intelligence in remanufacturing and many others, across multiple industrial sectors.

The goal of this summit is to foster new circular business models by bridging the gap between the scientific and industrial communities, also involving public institutions and clusters in the discussion, thus promoting an open and inclusive dialogue.


About WRS

The World Remanufacturing Summits are a series of events designed to promote interaction and collaboration between scientific institutions and industrial players on remanufacturing challenges and best practices. Since 2012, the summit aims to foster discussions on innovative technologies, systems, and business models for the circular economy, with a specific focus on remanufacturing. Additionally, it seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of remanufacturing for the society as a whole, providing a platform for sharing global perspectives on remanufacturing best practices.


For more information and registration: https://www.wrs2024.com/agenda