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Empowering Smart Health: Vanguard Initiative's Smart Health Pilot Meeting in Bologna



Last week, the Smart Health Pilot meeting from the Vanguard Initiative took place in Bologna, Italy.  It was a 1.5-day workshop for the partner regions, hosted by the pilot member ART-ER from the Bologna region. The Smart Health pilot project main focus is to transform the connected European value chains on personalised medicine (PM) and smart health by combining biomedical, technological and data-driven expertise. The partner regions already established solid ecosystems. By bringing these ecosystems together, a higher added value will be reached and boost the implementation of PM at the regional level. The Smart Health Pilot currently gathers 14 European regions.

On the first day, keynote speakers from the Smart Health ecosystem of Emilia Romagna were featured, namely EP PerMed - the European Partnership for Personalised Medicine. Additionally, pilot demo case leaders updated the participants on the developments from their region. From the East Netherlands, Anneliene Jonker and Wander Kenter, from the University of Twente, participated and showcased the TopFit / ICMS democase. This demo-case aims to focus on improving the quality of life and maintaining independence and social participation of people suffering from movement disorders. This goal will be achieved through joint and interdisciplinary scientific research focused on innovation whereby a close cooperation exists between scientists, private health funding organizations and innovative companies.

The pilot aims at realising the potential of personalised medicine as part of the S3 platforms on Industrial Modernisation. This pilot will bring the agenda to implement personalised medicine to the next level while transforming the connected European industrial value chains. Partner regions already established solid ecosystems combining biomedical, technological and data-driven solutions. By bringing these ecosystems together, a higher added value will be reached and boost the implementation of personalised medicine. Ultimately, this innovative approach will contribute to shaping a future for health and care in Europe.

The East Netherlands region plays a prominent role in co-leading the Smart Health pilot within the Vanguard Initiative. Participating in the Smart Health pilot brings a range of opportunities, such as European projects development and access to the European recognised Smart Health network. To explore these opportunities in more detail, please view the Smart Health Pilot flyer. https://cms.thinkeast.nl/uploads/Smart_Health_flyer_a399bb2a45.pdf

Interested in the opportunities of the Smart Health pilot for organizations in the East Netherlands region? Contact Oost NL, alexander.schippers@oostnl.nl 

More information about VI Smart Health pilot event in Bologna on the Vanguard website. Vanguard Initiative Smart Health pilot meeting in Bologna : a event to showcase the power of collaboration in the field of personalised medicine | Vanguard Initiative (s3vanguardinitiative.eu)