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European collaboration in support of digital transformation SMEs



The European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) AddSmart of North Denmark and the EDIH BOOST Robotics EASTNL are going to work together to strengthen their services for manufacturing SMEs in their regions. On Wednesday 6 December, the hub managers signed an agreement cooperation for this purpose during a digital meeting.

With the official launch of the collaboration, the EDIHs agreed to act together to bundle services where possible, organise activities and events to support digital transformation in SMEs while strengthening their support ecosystem in the two regions.

AddSmart was the first EDIH to become operational in Denmark. Hub Manager Johannes Størup: "We are proud to have been able to service more then 60 smaller companies until now. In the region of North Denmark, which has a large challenge in digitalisation. We work on the digital business integration in the frame of Industry 4.0.” Merete Nørby, responsible for European networks adds: “With our 8 partners we service these SMEs with tailormade solutions. That is the beauty of this collaboration; it has a true focus on the needs of individual companies. We see this in all the EDIHs. In 2024 we aim to work together with East Netherlands and enabling SMEs to profit from contacts with SMEs there.”

Robin Burghard, hub manager of EDIH BOOST Robotics EastNL; "We see a strong demand of our SMEs to learn how to implement smart working, smart factory, and cyber security in their daily business. The common focus of AddSmart and Boost Robotics East Netherlands on the manufacturing industry allows companies form both regions to profit from this cooperation. In 2024 we aim to welcome Danish SMEs in our innovation ecosystem.”

The EDIHs are a regional one-stop-shops for SMEs on digital transformation. They support businesses across Europe to increase the awareness, adoption and implementation of digital technologies in their products, services, daily operations and processes to enhance their business and strengthen their position in European value chains. EDIH BOOST Robotics EASTNL is specialised in digitalisation in the sectors Manufacturing, Healthcare and Agri-food. EDIH AddSmart specialises in services for industrial and production companies.

The start of the cooperation was marked in a digital manner by an online meeting with the signing of a collaboration memorandum of understanding, followed by a discussion on the action plan 2024. The regional development agency Oost NL, responsible for the international relations of the EDIH BOOST Robotics EastNL, initiated this cooperation.

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North Denmark: Johannes Storup, AddSmart

East Netherlands: Robin Burghard, EDIH BOOST Robotics East Netherlands