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Humus open call for proposal - Participatory governance on soil health



The HuMUS project has launched a cascade funding call aimed at supporting 20 pilot projects in fostering participatory governance methods to improve soil health at regional and local levels in Europe.

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The HuMUS project aims to engage stakeholders through a Quadruple Helix approach, involving farmers, entrepreneurs, consumer associations, NGOs, soil experts, researchers, academics, government officials, and the general public. The call seeks to identify and support 20 Pilot Projects, with a target of at least 300 quadruple-helix stakeholders actively participating.


The total budget for the HuMUS Call for Pilot proposals is €600.000, with a maximum subgrant of €30.000 (lump sum) per pilot project. The deadline for proposal submission has been extended until 05 April 2024.
Among the expected outcomes of the call are the signing of 13 Territorial Management Agreements within the HuMUS partner communities and the delivery of evidence showcasing the successful adoption of the HuMUS Methodology or an equivalent approach by the 20 selected Pilot Projects.

Winners of the call will not only receive financial support but also benefit from technical assistance provided by members of the HuMUS consortium. This includes the option to participate in a Soil Stewards training programme, offering an in-depth presentation of the HuMUS methodology.

To find out more about this and other cascade funding calls, see the specific cascade funding page on the ERRIN website.
Learn more and apply on the HuMUS website. HuMUS Project Open Call (humus-project.eu)