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Introducing the Dutch-German hydrogen cluster at the World Hydrogen Summit



During the World Hydrogen Summit, a major international exhibition in Rotterdam, representatives from the eastern Netherlands, Emscher-Lippe and Münsterland (North Rhine-Westphalia) introduced a new hydrogen cluster. This cluster is part of the broader TECH.LAND project, in which parties seek innovation and cooperation between Germany and (East) Netherlands to address common global challenges.

Cooperation in projects and innovation

Eastern Netherlands, Emscher-Lippe and Münsterland are in the middle of Europe. These regions have been working together across borders for many years. Together they have the ambition to use hydrogen to combat climate change and change our energy system. In both regions, more than 100 companies, research institutes and governments work together. They focus on projects that make energy, transportation and heating cleaner. Examples of such projects include “Bioenergiepark Saerbeck,” “GldH2,” “GROWH” and “h2heres. There are also industrial hydrogen clusters such as 'Klimahafen Gelsenkirchen', 'H2Hub Twente' and 'Connectr Energy Innovation'. These work together with innovative companies. They show how to use hydrogen practically and help advance the technology. Companies such as 2G Energy, Accelera by Cummins, BP, and many others are also at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam.

Importance of cross-border cooperation

The hydrogen initiative demonstrates the importance of cooperation across borders in solving societal problems. Regions are working together by sharing resources, knowledge and talents. They want to make a nicer place to work and live. They also want educational institutions and businesses on both sides of the border to learn more from each other. The hydrogen cluster is coordinated by Wirtschaftsförderung Kreis Coesfeld, East NL, WiN Emscher-Lippe and supported by Technologieförderung Münster. Hydrogen is an important part of their cooperation within the TECH.LAND project.

More information

For more information about the TECH.LAND initiative and its strategic objectives, including Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics, Energy, Health & MedTech, and Circular Economy, visit https://techland.org/