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MedTech Twente Week



A look back at a jam-packed MedTech Twente Week. From October 29 to November 2, it was time for this week's second edition. Did you miss something that took place this week? Want to review a presentation or see the photos? We've listed everything for you below 

During the TechMed Event, we explored the significant impact of climate change on health and the crucial role MedTech can play in building a more sustainable, healthier future. Current topics such as the staffing crisis in healthcare, accelerating the translation of medical technologies into practical clinical applications and lifelong learning were covered. As well as substantive sessions on medical innovations, such as AI in healthcare, organ-on-a-chip and eHealth. View the complete recap with photos, recordings and presentations: https://www.techmedevent.nl/

MedTech Business Event was the place for MedTech companies with a mission. Sessions about funding opportunities, market validation insights, certification requirements, becoming a talent magnet, best practices regarding collaboration projects, and tips for doing business internationally came by! View the photos and presentations: https://medtechtwenteweek.nl/program/medtech-business-event/

The importance of involving patients in health research was the focus of the Citizen Science For Health Conference. Citizen Science is about scientists, students, citizens, civil society organizations, governments and businesses joining forces for a positive impact on - in this case - better health and health care. Find papers, posters and other output from this event here: https://www.citizenscience4health.nl/Program/Conference-materials/Zenodo/

MedTech Twente Week partners:
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