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New UT facility opened: Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) for smart industrial solutions



Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Twente, which provides research support for manufacturing industry in the East of the Netherlands, is expanding its efforts this week. Today the new facility opened: the Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) on Kennispark next to the university in Enschede. The AMC is open for business and will offer manufacturers the opportunity to experience and explore future possibilities towards implementing smart industry solutions.

The AMC provides a unique platform in the Netherlands where companies can test out ideas and alternatives so that they can be provided with the best possible information before committing to significant investments. This is particularly important for small businesses who cannot afford to undertake their own research and development.

The venue is built around two major demonstrators, one based around the metal 3D printing process chain and the other based around a reconfigurable, modular, assembly process. Both are highly automated and supported by sophisticated digital twins driven by real-time data.

Manufacturers are constantly being challenged to provide better products, with a shorter time-to-market and at lower costs. Consumers add further challenges to this by demanding solutions that often require low batch sizes. The only way to meet these challenges is through better manufacturing technology, supported by digital models and new AI concepts. The AMC provides a platform to explore this alongside the specific needs of industries in the region.

The Fraunhofer Innovation Platform at the UT (FIP-AM@UT) comprises a multi-disciplinary team of highly motivated research engineers who focus on providing solutions for the local manufacturing industry. These engineers can draw on the significant knowledge and expertise from the UT and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology, based in Aachen, Germany, and through to the rest of the Fraunhofer network. State-of-the-art concepts can be explored for the benefit of industry in the region. Powered by regional, national and European funding, it provides a one-stop shop for companies wishing to explore smart industry solutions to suit their needs.