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Partner meeting European I3 project ‘REGIOGREENTEX’ in East Netherlands



Within the new EU project RegioGreenTex, regional development agency Oost NL takes the lead in creating regional textile recycling ecosystems. Oost NL is part of the Lowlands hub, as one of the five hubs, the Lowlands hub will set an example for other regions. The Lowlands hub consists of three regions: Flanders, Eastern Netherlands and northern France, with 12 RegioGreenTex partners involved.

On Wednesday 28th of June, Oost NL will host the Lowlands partner meeting. The partners from the Lowlands hub will come together to meet and further work on the hub action plan. The aim of this day is to take the first steps in matchmaking between the partners. What regional cases are there currently and how can they link?

Behind the scenes at RTT

The start is in the morning in Apeldoorn at the office and after lunch a visit to RTT (Regional Textile Sorting Centre Twente) is planned. There will be a tour and everyone will get a look at Enschede Textielstad; an industrial weaving mill where fabrics for the fashion and interior industries are produced using natural and local yarns. Here, the company – and RegioGreenTex partner – Saxcell will give a demonstration on the chemical textile recycling technique they have developed.

The RegioGreenTex project

RegioGreenTex is a European collaborative project that will identify, mitigate, and ultimately stimulate investments in the problems that currently exist in implementing a systematic circular economy within the textile industry ecosystem across the EU. RegioGreenTex will support SMEs in finding innovations for recycling and valorising textile fibres, scaling up new technologies and supporting their integration into industrial processes. The project started 1 January 2023 and will run for 3 years.