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Together, let’s pioneer homecare innovation in the North Sea region – ACE



As the ageing population places growing demands on healthcare systems in the North Sea region, the ACE project has emerged to alleviate the burden. We are pioneering a future where older adults can live safer, independent lives, by accelerating the use of innovative solutions for better future homecare.

In our explainer video, two senior citizens from Höganäs kommun candidly share their reflections on their future, why remaining independent is important to them, and how the use of technology can facilitate this in their everyday lives.

ACE will soon launch its digital community for stakeholders, aiming to upscale over thirty innovations that directly address care user needs, and adapt 150+ North Sea region homecare providers to these innovations.

We're calling on senior citizens, care providers, NGOs, researchers, and digital solution innovators to get involved in the project. Be at the forefront of transforming homecare by participating in our events and online discussions.

Sign up here to stay updated: www.interregnorthsea.eu/ace/sign-up.

ACE is an Interreg North Sea Programme project.