The ACE project is strengthening the North Sea region’s homecare ecosystem, connecting care providers and solution developers to foster independence for care users with improved services. This collaboration of 14 partners from six European countries is defining and expediting all innovative technologies that support older adults at home, while also supporting care service providers in adapting to emerging technologies.

ACE’s 14-strong expert partnership is working to prepare formal and informal healthcare providers for the homecare technologies of the future, to connect innovative solutions with networks essential to making an impact and, ultimately, to ensure that the end-users of homecare innovation solutions remain independent and healthy in their own homes. ACE strives to co-create future homecare beyond borders, uniting various stakeholders to craft a comprehensive approach to care.

Homecare of the future

The project will manage a digital community of several hundreds of stakeholders, upscale over thirty innovations that directly address care user needs, and adapt 150+ North Sea region homecare providers to these innovations. To set the basis for the homecare of the future, it is key to involve problem owners (homecare service) and solution providers (innovators), but also target users (citizens and homecare employees), research and public authorities. In other words, the whole ecosystem must be represented.

Co-funded by the Interreg North Sea Programme between 2023 and 2026, ACE welcomes senior citizens, care providers, and solution developers to get involved in the project and be pioneers of this rapidly evolving care system.

Visit here the ACE Interreg North Sea website.


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