AI-hub East Netherlands

In the region, we bring together the many loose links in the AI Hub Oost-Nederland, creating a structure that allows us to create impactful applications. The AI Hub Oost-Nederland is part of the Dutch AI Coalition. AI for Life, the collaboration on AI in the Arnhem-Nijmegen-Wageningen region, will be continued throughout the East Netherlands. From the AI Hub Oost-Nederland we work on a coordinated AI strategy to develop projects and to valorise the existing knowledge position. By setting this up on the East Netherlands scale, we create sufficient mass and still remain concrete and flexible enough to make steps.  

The AI Hub Oost-Nederland is an initiative of The Economic Board and Twente Board, Radboud University, University of Twente, Wageningen University & Research, Think East Netherlands and Oost NL. The business community is connected, including Nedap, Demcon and the wide range of SMEs in East Netherlands, as well as education (including HAN Saxion and Windesheim, and soon MBO).