Circular Economy Office

CEO's (Circular Economy Office) overall goal is to transform the office furniture sector into a circular, innovative, cost- and resource-efficient economy. Currently this sector is characterised as a ‘take-make-dispose’ industry. 

Every year, 10.5 million tonnes of office furniture is thrown away in the EU, of which 80-90% is incinerated or landfilled. At the same time, our way of working is changing rapidly, which requires modularity and adaptability in furniture design.

Who can profit?

CEO, with its comprehensive and innovative approach, positions the North Sea region as a pioneer in the circularity movement and offers benefits beyond environmental and economic aspects for the entire region. CEO's partner cities and regions will play a crucial role in the sector's transformation towards circularity. The different experience levels of the project partners provide an opportunity to address different local starting points, and through transnational exchange, all partners will make faster progress towards higher levels of circularity. The sector requires spatial integration that transcends urban and national boundaries, with the aim of closing office furniture cycles.

Aims set for a circular economy

CEO aims to establish a strong regional connection that accelerates the industry's progress towards an innovative, resource-efficient and circular economy. By promoting scalability and introducing modularity and adaptability in product design, the project aims to extend the life cycle of products and reduce waste. CEO aims to encourage public and private stakeholders across the value chain for a circular economy and embrace sustainable practices, products and solutions.

The development of seven pilots will scale up existing ideas, test innovative approaches and facilitate the sustainable transformation and adoption of the sector. This includes improving the legal framework to ensure flexibility, climate protection and making territorial connections. 
Oost NL is in the lead for one pilot, within which we will work with project partner Enschede Textielstad to look at textile use within office furnishing, both in terms of furniture upholstery and carpets and curtains.

CEO network

CEO brings together 13 partners from 6 countries. The consortium is led by HiiCCE Hamburg Institute for Innovation, Climate Protection and Circular Economy GmbH. Collectively, the consortium partners possess comprehensive knowledge, expertise, and influence across the entire value chain of office furniture in the North Sea region.

Initiate change?

Do you want to participate in this important project, see opportunities or run into challenges in the field of circular office furniture/textiles? Get in touch with Martijn Kerssen or Sylvia Snoeren and let's initiate the change together!


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HiiCCE Hamburg Institute for Innovation, Climate Protection and Circular Economy GmbH


Martijn Kerssen
project manager Energy
+31 (0)6 108 069 76

Sylvia Snoeren
Project Manager Circular
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