The seven regional hubs (Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, and Spain) will connect on a European Platform for Vocational Excellence in Health Care. The objective is to ensure coordination, adaption, innovation and upward convergence within regional health education ecosystems, as well as promote European blended mobility and inter-regional learning and collaboration among healthcare professionals and students from the participating regions and beyond.


The initiative contributes to the European Skills Agenda focussing on digital and green skills complementing the so-called “21st Century skills” such as problem-solving, teamworking, analytical and critical thinking. Knowledge and experience of training and education activities for care and welfare professionals is shared within the European EUVECA platform.

Saxion, University of Twente, Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (ZGT) and Oost NL participate in this EU-subsidised training platform. There are also hubs in Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Norway and Germany.

EUVECA overall objectives:

1. Increasing the quality and attractiveness of vocational training and lifelong learning within the European health care sector and within health care education.

2. Contribute to the implementation of the European skills agenda by ensuring continuous and high quality VET to professionals in the health care sector focusing on improved and tailored lifelong skills training, covering 21st century skills.

3. Contribute to the implementation of the European Education Area by creating long term sustainable collaboration within higher education and VET.

EUVECA is an ERASMUS+ project designed to support the development of future-oriented skills within the health and care sector.

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project manager Health
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