The project offers a model for co-created, demand-driven technological solutions in health care by creating optimal value-chains. It provides a framework in which innovations do not arise from technological vacuum and therefore have a short lifespan.

HealthChain, is a project funded through the I3 Instrument that brings together the public and private sectors to develop demand-driven digital health solutions through co-creation between Healthcare Organisations (HOs) and IT companies. Led by Ticbiomed, the HealthChain consortium brings together eighteen partners. They cover five regional ecosystems in different EU countries: Murcia (Spain), Centro (Portugal), Western (Slovenia), Primorsko-Goranska (Croatia), and East Netherlands (Netherlands).

Each region follows a structured approach with specific roles: a Healthcare Organisation (HO) identifies challenges and pilots proposed solutions, two IT companies (Solvers) with mature technology collaborate to develop solutions, and a regional Ecosystem Supporter (ES) facilitates connections among cross-border regions. This diverse consortium sets the stage for inclusive approach to transforming healthcare.

HealthChain model

HealthChain proposes a model that is demand-driven, co-creative, and geared toward adoption. The needs and challenges are identified by the HOs and end users, ensuring solutions are tailored to their requirements. Through collaborative efforts, both end users and developers work together to address the identified challenges and co-create innovative solutions.

The HealthChain model incorporates two approaches to developing solutions:

The first approach involves addressing challenges defined by HOs atb the proposal time of the project with pre-selected partners, deploying solutions with sufficient resources for potential cross-border scalability.

In the second approach, the process begins from scratch, actively engaging each HO to identify two unmet needs. Solvers from the consortium regions are selected through the Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) call. Once chosen, these awarded solvers take on the task of piloting innovative solutions to address the identified needs.

Community of Practice

The HealthChain project goes beyond solution development. It establishes the HealthChain Community of Practice (CoP), a platform where expertise, lessons learned, and resources are shared among participants. The aim is to foster collaboration and inspire other regions to adopt and implement the HealthChain model using their own resources. This collective effort strengthens the impact of digital health innovations across the European healthcare landscape.

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